October 11, 2021

The FIRST EVER 7 Figure Sleep Practice podcast launches with the legendary Dr. Barry Glassman.

In this podcast, Avi and Max talk to Barry about his background, how he became invested in sleep, and the current state of dental sleep education.

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October 15, 2020

Dr. Avi Weisfogel talks about how one error with his license and controlled substances ended up resulting in a suspended license. Avi Weisfogel describes how he lost his license with the DEA, the downsides of prescribing controlled substances, and how the state dental board can ruin a dentists career. Discover how a career in dental sleep medicine can keep you far from those problems and making more cash in your career.

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May 15, 2020

The recent podcast from Avi Weisfogel was featured in MagNewsBlog.

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April 21, 2020

Listen to Dr. Avi Weisfogel discuss details about the effects of sleep apnea and how to test for it.

Avi Weisfogel is the founder of The International Academy of Sleep



February 26, 2020

Avi Weisfogel from The International Academy of Sleep talks about the increasing overhead costs of being a dentist how hard it is to make money. Listen to the podcast or watch the video here.

Are You a Dentist? Why You Need to Switch Careers


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February 07, 2020

Avi Weisfogel from The International Academy of Sleep, coming to you with today's message?

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Read the transcript below

Avi Weisfogel

I get asked this question all the time and I get asked it in different ways. I could get asked in one way, how come your program is so expensive? And then I could get asked the same exact day, the same exact question by another dentist, why is this so cheap?
Now? You could look at things in dentistry any which way you want. Recent data shows that a bare minimum of 35% of practice owners in this country have invested in some sort of expensive technology, whether it's a Serac machine, a CT scan, or any type of $150,000 piece of equipment that has absolutely zero return on investment.

And there is never the question, why is this so expensive? It just doesn't happen. So people and dentists are ready to drop a hundred fifty thousand two hundred thousand dollars on a piece of equipment, which is a toy. Hey, listen, toys are expensive. Sometimes you drop a lot of money on a car because it's fun.

And if that's what everything's about, no problem. But if you're looking to make smart business decisions, how do you look at an investment in yourself and in your business? Think all the way back to dental school. You went to school. Dentists come out today with around $500,000 of debt, and what does that do for them?

There is no hesitation there. I'm going to be a dentist. This is what it costs. $500,000 I'm coming out of school now. What did I get after I graduated? I got a piece of paper. Okay. It says you graduated and the right to take a test to become a dentist. Catch that you're not even a dentist when you graduate.

You have to pass a test and passing your classes gave you the right to take that test. And then you have to go through state licensure. And by the way, that could be taken away at any time. So, $500,000 for that? Was there a thought process going into the beginning that said, Hey, why is it so expensive to go to school?

And then what about the next move buying a dental practice? Is there a piece that says, why is this so expensive? Dentists just do it. I can tell you from personal experience, I didn't think about the cost of dental school. I just paid it. Loans, of course, but I paid it and then the practice came out and I was told what the formula was and that formula, we could go back and forth on that 100,000 times because that formula is ridiculous.

But here's what it costs to buy a dental practice, not why is it so expensive? And yet when it comes to making a decision that honestly should change your entire world because people who are working with International Academy of Sleep, specifically those enrolled in the dental sleep MBA program, who are seeing 20 to 50 appliance patients every single month getting paid $3,000 or more.

And then the question is, why is it so expensive? Or why is it so cheap? Those guys who asked me why it's so cheap, you know what? They're going to do. Succeed. They're going to go out there absolutely dominate their market. There'll be seeing 20 patients or more per month in no time, which should be resulting in 50 to $60,000 of profit every single month.

So what is the cost to get involved with that? Imagine if I had a dental school. You were actually taught real business. You had somebody holding your hand walking through your mistakes. Every time you going to make a decision in the business world, you had somebody who had been through it, who had gone through the ups and downs and say, no, no, not a good move, great move, bad move, good move with no with nothing but your best interest at heart.

Imagine that. Now, that is what International Academy of Sleep is about. We have been through it all in the sleep world. The ups downs, backwards, forwards. We have members who are absolutely dominating. We have members seeing a hundred appliances or more every single month. Now, I'm not telling you it's easy to get there, and I'm not telling you, every member sees that.

I'm telling you every member is successful in their own way. Maybe somebody sees 10 appliances a month, which is more than most people. But what is it that would hold you back from going forward with a program that can absolutely change your life and honestly, the lives of thousands upon thousands of people around you think about it, pop it through and register for an intro course because you got to understand what it takes to get there.

So we don't know that any, any, uh, anything back at our intro courses, we tell you everything we do. Coming into the course, I ask a question, who here wants a business that sees 20 to 50 appliances or more every single month making an average of $3,000 per appliance? And everyone raises their hand. I said, good cause I'm going to spend two and a half days telling you exactly what you need to do to do that.

And then I'm going to ask that same question again. And if your hand is. Still raised well, you're on your way to being a success in dental sleep, which is a rarity in today's industry. Most people go see a couple patients, don't get paid and quit. Not International Academy of Sleep. We are going at it in a completely unique way.

Get yourself over to an intro event as soon as possible. I hope to see you there soon. Have a great day.

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January 16, 2020

In this episode of The Entrepreneurial Dentist Avi Weisfogel talks about how he would do his entire dental career over by investing his money differently into the business. There are a lot of mistakes dentists make by spending it on the wrong things. How do you find what you will get a real return on investment. 

And not only money invested, but time invested. When running a dental practice Avi Weisfogel discusses the importance of investing time into the business itself, and not just the people you are helping.

Watch the full episode below:

Investing Time and Money In Your Dental Practice

You can read the full transcript of this Episode of the Entrepreneurial Dentist here https://draviweisfogel.com

Avi Weisfogel started The International Academy of Sleep to help dentists transition to dental sleep medicine and have more lucrative careers.

Take a look at some of the success stories from Dental Sleep MBA in these testimonials.

Avi Weisfogel NJ

January 06, 2020

Dental Sleep MBA 2020 Updates with Avi Weisfogel

Read the transcript below or watch here Avi Weisfogel 2020 Updates

How are you? Happy holidays, Avi Weisfogel coming to you. It's Christmas week, which means it's the end of 2019 amazing times ahead for 2020. Uh, especially in the world of dentistry now guys, I am seeing some massive changes in the world of dentistry. It is becoming harder and harder to succeed. People who I know.
That, uh, that have been successful in dentistry for years are just finding it harder and harder to survive and thrive. There are so many different things that you can do in this world, and luckily, International Academy of Sleep just provides you with a great way to do so. Now imagine, you know, we've talked about it before the dental school.

And the whole, I'm going into dental school and I speak to dentists and I'm like, man, you know, working in sleep is like, well, I, it's like investing in dental school a kind of, and I'm like, yeah, it is. Except for you get to make money along the way on like dental school. You get instructors to hold your hand during the whole process.

Dental Sleep MBA Halloween Retreat

You have a step by step business plan in place. And when you're done, you have the most incredible business, a business that works without you, a business that is scalable. This makes all the sense in the world. Now, here's what's exciting about 2020, we are for the first time ever opening up our Halloween retreat to non-members.

We're going to do one massive, huge conference. Our conference, which is going to take place October 23rd and the 24th in Las Vegas is the first annual sleep con. Right. Somebody had to do it, so it's not Comic-Con, but it is sleep ton. Now, what is different about this meeting than any other meeting?

I'll first off comparing this to the annual meetings that you go to and I've gone to myself is a world of difference. This is not going to be a, I'm going to go learn and hear another lecture about sleep. I'm going to go hear more people complain about why dentists have more rights.

That is not what this is about. This is about a path for you. Especially a specific tailored path for you, and I'm talking to you because no matter who you are, we are going to create a path for you. Your path may have 80% business, 20% science. Yours may have 50 50 years, may have advanced business. Yours may have. Began her business years, may have advanced billing, beginner billing.

Yours may have advanced science. You may have begin or science. It really depends on your level. They're going to be not one, but two of the best keynote speakers you will hear all year. And I'm willing to save the best speakers you hear all year. Uh, I know because I've heard them before, and there's a reason specifically that we are bringing these guys to our event.

One's going to start the event, one's going to finish the event, and when the event is over. No, it's Saturday night and you've just had an incredible conference and you've heard lectures that blow your mind. You then get to go to the iOS Halloween party, which is the best time in the industry. I don't care who you are.

Whether you like going to parties, whether you'd want to stay home, whether Halloween and getting dressed up for Halloween. Sounds ridiculous. You are looking at the world's biggest introvert. I don't like parties. When the first idea of a Halloween party came out, uh, and it was brought to my attention.

I made sure that our Halloween party was in our hotel in a private room so nobody could see me dressed up ridiculously. Now, this was in new Orleans four years ago, and I got to admit, after about two hours, the party was pretty lane. It was just us sitting around having dinner. In costume and we were in new Orleans and someone suggested, Hey, we have all this leftover food.

Let's go feed the homeless. Great idea. And we started walking around in, what was amazing was if you were not in costume in new Orleans at Halloween time, you are out of place. And so I felt great for the first time ever. I was in costume and I didn't care. Flash forward four years, we did it again in new Orleans.

This year I walked almost a mile in my costume. To our Halloween party, which is the best time that I've ever seen dentists have. And face it, guys, you deserve to let loose and have fun at least one weekend of the year. So we are opening our doors.

This conference is going to be incredible. You're going to get to meet 150 of the most successful dentists in the country, the members of International Academy of sleep, specifically the ones doing the dental sleep MBA program, you will meet the most successful, the top five most successful dental sleep guys there are, because they will all be there. You're going to hear the best science minds that exist, the best business minds that exist, the best motivational minds that exist all there under one roof.

Sound like a typical sleep course. We don't do anything typical. Uh, even our meals are over the top. That's how we like to do things. It's why people either love or hate us. So this is your chance to go register for sleep con. Now I am going to make an offer to you because you're watching this video. If you go register for any one of our events, any one of the preview events in 2020, you will automatically get 50% off for sleep con.

I've told her at the one 23rd, 24th in Las Vegas. We have events every four weeks starting January 10th in Orlando. Sign up. You gotta be there. What better way than to start the year, right? Change your world, guys. It's time. The world of dentistry is not getting easier. Overhead is not going down. The ways for dentists to survive are going away.

You have to do something to prepare. This is just a great option because not only are you helping yourself. Prepare for retirement, your career, you are saving lives in the process. I just had this discussion. I was helping a couple of members of ours. Uh, and I always asked this question to people, how many of your patients needed a crown last month?

So I'm gonna ask you this question. How many of your patients needed a crown last month? The correct answer, of course it is. Zero. What would have happened if they didn't have that crown? Their heads going to explode. The world's gonna end. The tooth is gonna fall out. That's the worst case scenario, right?

Tooth could break, get infected, then you haven't taken out and then you know what you do live. You know what happens if you don't treat sleep apnea? Eventually you're going to die and die earlier than you needed to. So I am going to argue that sleep apnea treatment is a need. Whereas all of dentistry is optional.

When it comes down to it, you are saving lives, changing lives, and you just happened to be creating the best business while you're at it. So get yourself to a, an event next year and add. The very least, get yourself to sleep. Con 2020 be the first of as many sleep cons as we can do, cause we're going to do him year after year after year, all at Halloween time.

You're not. Once you go to one, you're going to want to go to all of them guaranteed. I look forward to seeing you there. I look forward to seeing you at an event near you. Anytime soon, have a great happy holiday and as always, wishing you the most success, uh, that you could possibly get. Have a great holiday season.

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December 16, 2019

Avi Weisfogel coming with a December 2019 update talks about the exciting future plans for the International Academy of Sleep in 2020.

Watch the Video Podcast for 2020 Updates

International Academy of Sleep Updates 2020

Read Avi Weisfogel's Trasnscript Below

How are we doing everyone? This is an exciting time. It's the middle of December. we are on the way. To 2020 and just amazing things coming. So this is my favorite time of year. It's the planning stages. As I've mentioned to you, we have hired a COO. This is so exciting for me because there's so many projects. That we have planned here at IAOs and there's only X amount we can do with, you know, the main guy leading the ship and then the team doing as much as they possibly can. 

Everybody's got their strengths. You know, mine, I have pretty good vision for where I want things to go to help get you there. You need that person who's gonna really put things into play and that. Is what we have found with this amazing person coming to work with us. So I am going to be so excited for you guys to meet her and it's an exciting time.

Now I'm about to give you an exclusive, this is an exclusive, that is not public information yet you are getting it because. You're you, but, this is an exclusive, not available to the public yet. We are doing something really special. We're always doing amazing things. As you know, 25th, 20, 20 January is the cruise practice of the year. Somebody walking out with a wad of cash, not too bad, for practice of the year. You know, you're already a member. I've international Academy of sleep.

You've put in the hard work, your members, your peers are going to be voting on who did the best job this year. I want to be was walking out there with a nice wad of cash for you and your team, however you split that up is totally up to you, but it is really, really exciting. If you're not a member of iOS and you happen to see this video, this is the kind of cool stuff that goes on right. In this group. So we have the January crews with practice of the year. We have our, our other three retreats, right.

Spring, summer, and fall. The spring retreat always has a staff portion to it. So bring staff for that summer retreat will be very doctor oriented. Of course, there's always things for staff, but it'll be very doctor oriented. Probably one room now for the world exclusive.

I am 100% that guy who tells you and tells everyone the following, there is no such thing as the right time. I'd love to do it, but the timing's bad. My words to that are completely B. S the timing is never right. Major decisions happen in life and you have to make them because you're a busy person. The last time I was not busy it got me.

Yeah. Maybe the first year after, maybe the summer after the first year of dental school, I had a month off. I was the last time, I wasn't busy. Ever since then. Maybe you got two weeks off for dental school. That wasn't time off. That was time to breathe. And then I started my businesses and I was busy all the time. There was no such thing as a time where the time was right. so I have started living by, the timing is always.

Right. Right. That timing is always right. So I am announcing the first ever sleep con. That's right. Sleep con. I've Comic-Con not a regular meeting. Sleep con sleep con is going to be taking place in conjunction with. Our best event of the year. You know what our best event of the year is? It's our Halloween retreat. Let me tell you a little bit about sleep con because there will be a full member retreat that goes on at sleep con. You will have a lot to choose from.

This isn't just going to be the normal one room of doctor, one room of staff. This is going to be options for doctors. Options for staff. And then of course, there's also going to be a chance to mingle with nonmembers who are coming to see what iOS is all about. So sleep con is going to be the first of what will be the biggest meeting in. Dental sleep, no questions asked. We already bring a lot of people to the table. We're going to have an exhibit hall full of vendors.

We're going to have dental sleep speakers, so if you want advanced science stuff, you got that. You want advanced . Business stuff. You got that. We're going to have two tracks for staff at tract for the staff in dental offices, attract for the staff in medical offices. We are going to have a full day course on billing, which I know everybody always wants. A full day. So this course is going to be absolutely incredible.

We have two keynote speakers, one to start at the event off and want to finish it up. And I will tell you that our first speaker is one of the greatest speakers around. I've read this book. His book completely blew me away, and I am so excited to be able to bring this to our group. I'm not going to spoil the surprise yet, but just know this, the speaker is. In credible, absolutely incredible will blow you away. That is going to be the person who starts off the event, and we have another one who is just as good, one of the named, one of the top five speakers in the, in the country year after year after year. We'll be finishing off Saturday leading right into the Halloween party.

Now for members. The course is going to be Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Right? The normal, two and a half days for nonmembers sleep con will be a two day event for members. You're going to have a choice of what do you want? More of, more science, more business, more role play. You're going to have a choice on all of it. You're going to get to really create your own personal track. No, we're going to suggest them for some people, but, different things. So if you're starting out, if you're a member who's just starting out and you need to know how to do a basic dental sleep exam, you'll get that ability. If you're someone who is an expert and you don't need any basic stuff and you want advanced sleep science. Well, you get to hear from who, in my opinion, is just the best. my ex partner and close friend Barry Glassman, we'll be back lecturing advanced science for you guys.

I got to tell you guys, he is so excited to be back speaking at this group, which I missed the guy. so I am excited to have him back and you'll get really top notch advanced science physicians are going to be part of this meeting. We're going to bring in as many of the iOS physicians, both sleep physicians and telemedicine physicians that we can.

This meeting is going to be packed full of anything you want. There will not be another sleep meeting that just comes anywhere near it. So personal tracks for everyone, personal tracks for staff, you're going to choose what makes sense for you if you're working inside of a medical office. Two days just for you. If you're inside of a dental office, two days just for you, you're going to get chance to role play. You're going to chance to learn billings, sleep coordinator roles, how to make sure patients get from doctor's offices to your dentist's offices.

Just so much, guys. Now let me tell you this. We are in negotiations with a bunch of hotels in Vegas. I don't have a hotel link, but I promise that this is the case. You. Have to book your room right away or you will not have a room. This is not a wait till the last minute. Put this on your calendar. You've had this date for a long time. October 23rd to the 25th the second we put out that link book it because the amount of publicity we do for this course, well, let's just say it'll be obvious style, so we will be publicizing the crap out of this event. Everyone will hear about it. If you're in sleep, you're going to want to be there.

If you're thinking about getting into sleep, you're going to want to be there. If you've tried sleep and haven't succeeded, you're going to want to be there and if you're a member, it's free. So you have no reason not to be there. This will be the best event that we've ever put on. It'll have the most choices that we've ever given.

And of course, our legendary Halloween party who is going to take home team costume of the year 2020 the first ever, and I believe we sent this out to suite the first ever. Colleen Halloween costume cup. The team cup like the Stanley cup was ordered and sent to team Hedgecock snow white and the seven dwarfs. Scary looking snow white, by the way, man. Instead of scary looking snow white, but it's nowhere in the seven doors. We'll be back to defend their title and start thinking now because this event is going to blow you away.

As soon as we put up the link. Guys, book your rooms. If you don't book your rooms, you will miss out. These have rooms. Our rooms are going to sell out in five seconds. Vendors are going to be asking for rooms. We're going to have 30 to 40 vendors there. Right speakers need rooms. We're going to have up a lot of extra speakers, guys, you know, from the dental sleep world, which is not normally what I bring into our to play, but there's so much to do and so many exciting things.

I can't wait. So you had heard it here first. IOS sleep con first annual 2020 October 23rd to 24th Vegas for members I Tobar 23rd to the 25th get ready for the retreat of a lifetime. It doesn't mean you get to skip the ones in between. We got the cruise in January, we have Miami in April. We have San Francisco in July. All places, by the way, that you voted on now, when we were on the cruise, we are voting.

On 2021, four locations. We'll try to spread them out. Hopefully it will get to some cool places. Maybe the international Academy of sleep could even go international. Who knows? But you gotta be there to vote. I am so psyched. It is just about a month away to where on that cruise. Just about a month away to a practice of the year. and I hope. You are thinking about entering practice of the year 2020 it's time people.

It is time for iOS to take its place where it belongs right at the top of the industry. The only place that dentists need to look at for the world of dental sleep. I will speak to you soon. Psych, psych, psych. Have a great weekend, man. We are getting a lot done this month. Take December and just kill it. Guys, there's so much time to plan. Amazing. I am psyched to see you in January. Psych to see you at sleep con, bring it and be able COO starting up, new people involved with this organization and growing every day. Hope to see you guys at the cruise be in touch. Have a great day.

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December 09, 2019

In today's episode of The Entrepreneurial Dentist, Avi Weisfogel discusses how to build a dental practice so that you can sell it for maximum value.  Listen to the podcast or watch the video podcast on Vimeo

Avi Weisfogel's Video Podcast on Selling Your Dental Practice

Read the Transcript of the Podcast Below

Avi Weisfogel, The Entrepreneurial Dentist coming to you guys with the tips for today, which is really looking at the value of your practice. What the practice value is, and listen, what did, what do you get when you sell your practice? You know, part of my mission is always to make it so when a dentist goes to sell his life's work, he gets the max for it.

Even then, it's not the prettiest thing. The trajectory path of most dentists is build your practice, keep your practice way past the point of its highest peak, and then sell it. As we know, dental practice itself are typically around 70 cents on the dollar. What I mean by that is there's this formula and this formula was just put out by someone and it's accepted.

70% of like the three year average growth seems to be a number that practices go for. Now. Of course, there are times where it goes for a little higher. There's times where it may go for lower. Let's talk about a time it may go for higher. DSO is are coming in with all sorts of offers and you feel like you've just hit the jackpot.

What comes with that. A big restriction on your time. So it's like, well, I, this is great. I'm getting such an offer. How can I turn it down? But then you're not looking into the full picture, the full picture of how much you're able to create revenue wise during the period that you are beholden to this DSO three years, five years.

And then what are you able to do in addition to when you sell out to this DSO. Yeah. It's a difficult process. So if you sell it to a DSL where your number gets higher, you're actually losing more money than if you just sold it, walked away and did something different with your time where you were actually maximizing the value I have.

So there's an exercise that you should do. It's called how much do I need to make per hour to pay my bills. And how much do I need to make per hour to pay my bills, put some money away for retirement, and how much do I need to make per hour to pay my bills, make some money for retirement, put some money away for a time and have a little fun in the process.

And these are the numbers you need to know because then you judge the activities and it can't be shortsighted. It can't just be, well, if I need to make $500 per hour and I'm about to get 700,000 look at the headstart it gave me. But what do you weigh then then able to do with that time is really the issue and if you sell for a lot and you are stuck and you now have to work for X amount of years at X production, salary, whatever it may be, how is your numbers looking then.

Yeah. Let's talk about another thing that goes into it. Equipment  I, I've talked about this numerous times. How much of value does the equipment get in this process? The answer, unfortunately, is none. I recently met a dentist who bought somebody old equipment. Oh, patients attached no money. You know, she paid for the equipment.

There was a bank that actually funded this, even though this wasn't the right thing to do. You can get into trouble way too easily in this industry. There has to come a time where you start to look at things the way a businessman does. You have to stop thinking like a dentist. You have to start looking at the alternatives and the possibilities of what you can make in this world.

Of what you're capable of doing. You know, your job. If you're like me, my job was, Hey, I'm a man. I get to go support the family. Yes, I know old fashioned ideas. Women make a great living these days. I know plenty of successful, uh, females in the world of dentistry and business in general, but I felt it was my responsibility to support the family.

That was the gig that was put on me, and so I had to really buckle down and go for it. In my case, I bought a dental practice and I kept going with the idea of trying to make it nicer and this is going to be the answer and that's going to be the answer when the reality is none of these pieces of equipment were the answer.

The answer was more, Hey, gain a better understanding of business. You really want to provide for your family, gain a better understanding of business, what business is about, what your time is worth. And what you can do with your time. How are you going to maximize your time? So the biggest value is coming off what you do.

Really the answer is you need something that can scale something that grows without you. There are, the industry is not that. If you're going to just do dentistry as your career. You have to get a handle on overhead. You can't keep buying equipment. You have to be able to look at ideas that are gonna allow you to grow.

Otherwise, honestly, your head for a lifetime of stress. A lifetime of figuring out where and how you're going to pay the bills, a lifetime of borrowing money to pay the bill. It's absolutely the worst case scenario because what's going to happen three to six months after you borrowed that money is now you're going to have to still pay the same bills that got you in over your head only now you have another loan on top of it.



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