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International Academy of Sleep Updates for 2020 With Avi Weisfogel

December 16, 2019

Avi Weisfogel coming with a December 2019 update talks about the exciting future plans for the International Academy of Sleep in 2020.

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International Academy of Sleep Updates 2020

Read Avi Weisfogel's Trasnscript Below

How are we doing everyone? This is an exciting time. It's the middle of December. we are on the way. To 2020 and just amazing things coming. So this is my favorite time of year. It's the planning stages. As I've mentioned to you, we have hired a COO. This is so exciting for me because there's so many projects. That we have planned here at IAOs and there's only X amount we can do with, you know, the main guy leading the ship and then the team doing as much as they possibly can. 

Everybody's got their strengths. You know, mine, I have pretty good vision for where I want things to go to help get you there. You need that person who's gonna really put things into play and that. Is what we have found with this amazing person coming to work with us. So I am going to be so excited for you guys to meet her and it's an exciting time.

Now I'm about to give you an exclusive, this is an exclusive, that is not public information yet you are getting it because. You're you, but, this is an exclusive, not available to the public yet. We are doing something really special. We're always doing amazing things. As you know, 25th, 20, 20 January is the cruise practice of the year. Somebody walking out with a wad of cash, not too bad, for practice of the year. You know, you're already a member. I've international Academy of sleep.

You've put in the hard work, your members, your peers are going to be voting on who did the best job this year. I want to be was walking out there with a nice wad of cash for you and your team, however you split that up is totally up to you, but it is really, really exciting. If you're not a member of iOS and you happen to see this video, this is the kind of cool stuff that goes on right. In this group. So we have the January crews with practice of the year. We have our, our other three retreats, right.

Spring, summer, and fall. The spring retreat always has a staff portion to it. So bring staff for that summer retreat will be very doctor oriented. Of course, there's always things for staff, but it'll be very doctor oriented. Probably one room now for the world exclusive.

I am 100% that guy who tells you and tells everyone the following, there is no such thing as the right time. I'd love to do it, but the timing's bad. My words to that are completely B. S the timing is never right. Major decisions happen in life and you have to make them because you're a busy person. The last time I was not busy it got me.

Yeah. Maybe the first year after, maybe the summer after the first year of dental school, I had a month off. I was the last time, I wasn't busy. Ever since then. Maybe you got two weeks off for dental school. That wasn't time off. That was time to breathe. And then I started my businesses and I was busy all the time. There was no such thing as a time where the time was right. so I have started living by, the timing is always.

Right. Right. That timing is always right. So I am announcing the first ever sleep con. That's right. Sleep con. I've Comic-Con not a regular meeting. Sleep con sleep con is going to be taking place in conjunction with. Our best event of the year. You know what our best event of the year is? It's our Halloween retreat. Let me tell you a little bit about sleep con because there will be a full member retreat that goes on at sleep con. You will have a lot to choose from.

This isn't just going to be the normal one room of doctor, one room of staff. This is going to be options for doctors. Options for staff. And then of course, there's also going to be a chance to mingle with nonmembers who are coming to see what iOS is all about. So sleep con is going to be the first of what will be the biggest meeting in. Dental sleep, no questions asked. We already bring a lot of people to the table. We're going to have an exhibit hall full of vendors.

We're going to have dental sleep speakers, so if you want advanced science stuff, you got that. You want advanced . Business stuff. You got that. We're going to have two tracks for staff at tract for the staff in dental offices, attract for the staff in medical offices. We are going to have a full day course on billing, which I know everybody always wants. A full day. So this course is going to be absolutely incredible.

We have two keynote speakers, one to start at the event off and want to finish it up. And I will tell you that our first speaker is one of the greatest speakers around. I've read this book. His book completely blew me away, and I am so excited to be able to bring this to our group. I'm not going to spoil the surprise yet, but just know this, the speaker is. In credible, absolutely incredible will blow you away. That is going to be the person who starts off the event, and we have another one who is just as good, one of the named, one of the top five speakers in the, in the country year after year after year. We'll be finishing off Saturday leading right into the Halloween party.

Now for members. The course is going to be Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Right? The normal, two and a half days for nonmembers sleep con will be a two day event for members. You're going to have a choice of what do you want? More of, more science, more business, more role play. You're going to have a choice on all of it. You're going to get to really create your own personal track. No, we're going to suggest them for some people, but, different things. So if you're starting out, if you're a member who's just starting out and you need to know how to do a basic dental sleep exam, you'll get that ability. If you're someone who is an expert and you don't need any basic stuff and you want advanced sleep science. Well, you get to hear from who, in my opinion, is just the best. my ex partner and close friend Barry Glassman, we'll be back lecturing advanced science for you guys.

I got to tell you guys, he is so excited to be back speaking at this group, which I missed the guy. so I am excited to have him back and you'll get really top notch advanced science physicians are going to be part of this meeting. We're going to bring in as many of the iOS physicians, both sleep physicians and telemedicine physicians that we can.

This meeting is going to be packed full of anything you want. There will not be another sleep meeting that just comes anywhere near it. So personal tracks for everyone, personal tracks for staff, you're going to choose what makes sense for you if you're working inside of a medical office. Two days just for you. If you're inside of a dental office, two days just for you, you're going to get chance to role play. You're going to chance to learn billings, sleep coordinator roles, how to make sure patients get from doctor's offices to your dentist's offices.

Just so much, guys. Now let me tell you this. We are in negotiations with a bunch of hotels in Vegas. I don't have a hotel link, but I promise that this is the case. You. Have to book your room right away or you will not have a room. This is not a wait till the last minute. Put this on your calendar. You've had this date for a long time. October 23rd to the 25th the second we put out that link book it because the amount of publicity we do for this course, well, let's just say it'll be obvious style, so we will be publicizing the crap out of this event. Everyone will hear about it. If you're in sleep, you're going to want to be there.

If you're thinking about getting into sleep, you're going to want to be there. If you've tried sleep and haven't succeeded, you're going to want to be there and if you're a member, it's free. So you have no reason not to be there. This will be the best event that we've ever put on. It'll have the most choices that we've ever given.

And of course, our legendary Halloween party who is going to take home team costume of the year 2020 the first ever, and I believe we sent this out to suite the first ever. Colleen Halloween costume cup. The team cup like the Stanley cup was ordered and sent to team Hedgecock snow white and the seven dwarfs. Scary looking snow white, by the way, man. Instead of scary looking snow white, but it's nowhere in the seven doors. We'll be back to defend their title and start thinking now because this event is going to blow you away.

As soon as we put up the link. Guys, book your rooms. If you don't book your rooms, you will miss out. These have rooms. Our rooms are going to sell out in five seconds. Vendors are going to be asking for rooms. We're going to have 30 to 40 vendors there. Right speakers need rooms. We're going to have up a lot of extra speakers, guys, you know, from the dental sleep world, which is not normally what I bring into our to play, but there's so much to do and so many exciting things.

I can't wait. So you had heard it here first. IOS sleep con first annual 2020 October 23rd to 24th Vegas for members I Tobar 23rd to the 25th get ready for the retreat of a lifetime. It doesn't mean you get to skip the ones in between. We got the cruise in January, we have Miami in April. We have San Francisco in July. All places, by the way, that you voted on now, when we were on the cruise, we are voting.

On 2021, four locations. We'll try to spread them out. Hopefully it will get to some cool places. Maybe the international Academy of sleep could even go international. Who knows? But you gotta be there to vote. I am so psyched. It is just about a month away to where on that cruise. Just about a month away to a practice of the year. and I hope. You are thinking about entering practice of the year 2020 it's time people.

It is time for iOS to take its place where it belongs right at the top of the industry. The only place that dentists need to look at for the world of dental sleep. I will speak to you soon. Psych, psych, psych. Have a great weekend, man. We are getting a lot done this month. Take December and just kill it. Guys, there's so much time to plan. Amazing. I am psyched to see you in January. Psych to see you at sleep con, bring it and be able COO starting up, new people involved with this organization and growing every day. Hope to see you guys at the cruise be in touch. Have a great day.

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